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Development of Open Source GPS/Mapping/GIS software


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Just reading some of the recent posts, and another idea popped into my head. Should we look at developing over time an open source suite of software for mapping, GPS etc. More end user oriented than anything else. Anyway the driver for this post is, do we need something like this? And if we did, what components should the suite have? I'd be interested to hear ideas. Naturally if developed properly, would not be country specific. If nice and generic, other countries would just have to code in their translators for their projections etc. Want to add a new GPS unit, just code the translator. I don't know of any projects like this that currently exist, so if we started something, perhaps we could build interest from overseas in the project. Doesn't seem necessary to have too many competing projects.


To get the ball rolling...


* translators (ie read one projection, output in another ie MG49 > WGS84 and vv)

* XML data

* raster images

* basic shapefiles (not designed to be a fully fledged GIS, but some vector ability would be useful as more vector data become available, especially with roads and tracks).

* cross platform (win/mac/linux)

* point and line management (waypoints, tracks and routes) - this would be part and parcel of the vector abilities really

* digital elevation models icon_wink.gif this could be kinda tricky to program though but would be fun

* extensions - so you could add functionality by adding a component... etc for example, a shared waypoint database shared between users containing things like service stations etc - some one you may remember my previous plans on this icon_wink.gif


Be interested to hear your thoughts.


Cheers Gav

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Great idea! I've been active in the open source community (linux) for a few years.


Mostly I've been involved helping others, and bit of article writing.


I can't program for nuts. Though somehow I recently got dragged into a web based project team and have had to learn PHP and SQL.


You can see my (pathetic?) code writing efforts by looking up core-lan-org at Sourceforge.

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Well that makes quite a few of us, but I'm more than keen to learn again - I did computer science at uni a few years ago, plus have done some web and db development. Something like this would be new to me as well - especially dealing with the whole cross platform issue - as I for one want it to work under Linux icon_smile.gif Great to see support and interest for such a project though!!


It looks like we have a good mix of people interested which is good, as programming won't be the only tasks required - there will be design, testing and documentation as well icon_smile.gif


Keep the comments, thoughts and suggestions coming, I'm going to keep chatting with BigNick off list, and we'll get some more details planned then.


What sort of functionality would you like to see??


Cheers Gav

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icon_rolleyes.gifI have the track log for Dansy's pass


Duntroon to Naseby - if any one interested.


I will be driving to Auckland next week, Chch to Picton. Wgtn to Palmerston north to Wanganui to Hamilton via National Park - to Auck on SH1.


Will return Auckland - Ngaruawahia - through Perongia to Otrohanga (quick Hamilton by pass)- National Park - Ohakune - Waiouru then SHI to Chch.


Any one want any particular track logs.

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Sorry bout not replying, has been quite busy over here. Still only another 6-7 weeks till I return to NZ.


Brentc, thanks for the offer of the road track logs! I think what we should try and do is get the highway road shapefiles and look at utilising these if possible.


Now, if you want to log an waypoints on the way, that would be useful. I would recommend that if anyone wants to do this. Currently use the .loc format, and we can easily get it out at a later point in time once we build a decent database. When I get back I'll pull out my service station db and make it available, and we can start from there. Mostly I've done service stations, banks, major fast food, and supermarkets at this stage.


Cheers Gav

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How about the ability to take a tracklog and the digital photos you took while recording the tracklog and using the timestamp info in the tracklog and in the timestamps in photos, you could update the EXIF data in the digital camera photos with the actual location co-ords that you took the photo... then generate a map with links to your photos... neat icon_smile.gif


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Originally posted by BigNick:

How about the ability to take a tracklog and the digital photos ...


Yeah, I saw that a few months ago somewhere, sounded like a pretty darn neat idea especially for travellers icon_wink.gif


I would need one of those trimble caps with the antenna pocket so I can leave the GPS in the pocket. Actually I saw on slashdot I think that GPS chips are nearly available for consumer electronics just like phones. Soon cameras may have GPSR's as well!


Cheers Gav

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