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Error 500 / travel bug pages


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Since a few days I'm seeing randomly 'Error 500' pages when I'm...

- opening single travel bug logs in a new page/tab

- deleting travel bug logs

- log travel bugs


Reloading the page helps in most cases. Nevertheless, there might be an issue with the web services.



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I am getting the Error 500 as well - I logged a few TB visits, with photos, and it happened after uploading the photo, then I went to view the trackable page and my log, and got Error 500.  Refreshing did bring me to the trackable page, most of the time.  I think once I had to refresh three times.  It also happened once when I went to publish the log I had just written; I was relieved when the Back button took me to my just written log.  I didn't want to try and rewrite it all again!  Then, when I tried to publish, it worked.

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I have also had problems with editing TB logs. I was impatient with a photo upload and ended up attaching the same photo twice. I tried to delete one of the photos using Visit Log > (Select Image) > Edit Image > Delete Image > Confirm. This resulted in no deletion but Error 500. Happens on both IPad (IOS) and laptop (Windows). 

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