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Searching number of caches in a specific time frame


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I wanted to see how many caches I have found so far in April (yup, regarding the wheel challenge)
I had calculated I had found 62 (inc 20 ALs) 
So I did a search via click on 'play', then 'search' then using the 'find date' filter selected 3rd April 2023 to today 

The result came up with 63 - When I looked at the list it included a cache I had found on 2nd April 2023 (had I not looked I could have taken this figure as read and therefore had it in my mind I only needed 37 more caches for the wheel challenge) 

I am aware that the servers will be working in PST and as I am BST so we are 9 hours ahead and wondered if this was the reason - I then recalled that I had found the cache around 9.15am (BST) but would not have logged it until 9.45 am or after once I had returned home. Thus the servers would have been registering early hours of April 2nd when I logged the cache - If I had been any earlier then I can understand the date showing as 1st April - So in fact as it was that early in the day the time differences should not be a factor - However that doesn't explain why when I did the search using the specific dates 3rd April to now it comes in with a cache found out of that date parameter.
For me - This is not a big issue as I am sure I will surpass the required 100 caches - however for many this may result in searches like this being done, working on the resulting output and aiming for an exact number which may ultimately end up being one or more short and missing out on the souvenir.

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I just tried to do a similar search and despite choosing "after April 2nd" (1st image)

When I execute the search it is searching from 1st April (see search filters in the 2nd image) and includes those I found on the 2nd.

I then did a search choosing after 7th April, but on executing the search it was filtering after the 6th.



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It gets worse!!!

Selecting "Found on 7th April" (when I had 2 finds)  the search actually reverts to searching for the 6th (when I had none) and doesn't return any finds.

So, the date selection function on the search page is pretty much useless.



I'd be interested to know whether these date filters work as expected for those in the USA.

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On 4/11/2023 at 7:37 PM, MartyBartfast said:

I'd be interested to know whether these date filters work as expected for those in the USA.

I'm located in Hamburg, EU (CEST) and it works OK here. Seems your found logs do have a time zone issue.


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