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Keeping track of Wheel of Challenges stats


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Is there a way on the geocaching web site to quickly see how close you are to earning one of the Wheel of Challenges souvenirs?  I have qualified for the first two April challenges, and need a total of 100 finds to earn the toughest one.  So far, I am physically keeping track of total finds since April 3, but it would nice to bookmark a spot where I could have quick confirmation of that number.

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It would have been great if amount of caches found during the time period where shown on the souvenir campaign web page, like it have done in the previous campaigns. 

Instead of using the leaderboard and points for each cache just present the current amount of found caches.


Yes, one can use the statistic page and Finds Per Month. That do however show the entire month, and are somewhat hard to use for those that have been active for 10+ years, since its get compressed.

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On 4/7/2023 at 10:32 AM, Hügh said:

You could also use Geocaching.com's native search.




(This will exclude Adventure Lab finds, of course.)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I was frustrated (and still am) by the lack of a tracking mechanism within the challenge itself, but this does help. As you pointed out, it's not perfect because Adenture Labs are not included (which is a different discussion...but I won't go there now), but it is far better than flying blind, which is what I was doing before. Thanks!

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It is very disappointing that Groundspeak does not provide a simple tool / page to keep track of one's progress during the Wheel of Challenges - well - challenges.

The algorithms must be there in the background to track the progress and grant the souvenirs at the right time - so why let not us see the progress?

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1 hour ago, voigtlaender said:

Are you able to provide a checker for the May challenge as well? That would be great!


To my knowledge, the Leaderboard will show your finds and points



Also read:




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2 hours ago, voigtlaender said:

Are you able to provide a checker for the May challenge as well? That would be great!


Unfortunately, no, Project-GC doesn't have access to the Leaderboard.


However as @Mausebiber points out the actual Leaderboard page will show you your point total, so that should help keep track of progress.

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17 minutes ago, Prynde said:

Not quite sure why but this doesn't seem to work. It says i have 0/100 but i'm quite sure i have finds after receiving 2/3 of the souvenirs.


That's strange, I'll look into it.

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Is there a way to see the progress for the July challenge as well? I am a bit confused since I have logged either trads or labs every day since July 3rd but I have still not received the first souvenir, which should require only a two day streak. Do lab caches not count in this challenge?

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