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Comcast Throwing gc.com Emails Into SPAM


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Not specifically a web site issue, but certainly needs to be noted.

As of Sunday 4/2, all gc.com email I receive has been thrown by Xfinity/Comcast into my email's SPAM folder.  Sounds like there might be a 'reputation' issue there that should be addressed.

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10 hours ago, Bl4ckH4wkGER said:

After internal review, all our email servers properly deliver to comcast and we don't see any spikes in rejections.


So I'd encourage you to pursue the two options I gave above.

It's not a question of throttling or rejection (which you would see in the logs on your end, usually triggered only if you were sending to a lot of invalid/dead Comcast addresses), it is/was instead Comcast's dumping of accepted mail into users' SPAM folders instead of users' regular inboxes, which was new behavior.  Will continue to monitor here.

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