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Where's In A Name


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I'm looking for a partner to help log the above cache. I've converted my name to numbers and it comes to 46 25 46. So if anyone can get to any Latitude between S 46° 25.461 though S 46° 25.469 please take the required pic and send to me. Also if you post a log with me you can get credit for it also. You can use any Longitude for this.


thanks in advance.

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Originally posted by Swanny:

Dang. icon_mad.gif it's a long way from Christchurch, 5 or 6 hours I suppose icon_confused.gif - each way icon_frown.gif.

Gosh, that is quite far down south. I don't think we have any regular cachers quite that far down. Maybe Nemesis can take a road trip? (I was lucky, when I was contacted, the latitude almost ran through our house, so I could have just walked down the road (but didn't))



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tonite i converted my handle ..goldguru...it turns into 40 53 48.....looking over pages is see he is an active geocacher and was hoping maybe he'd like to play WHATS IN A NAME or anyone else who can support the requirments of the cache....thanx Gg contact @


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This should be really easy as it's handily placed in both the North & South Islands. About 7km noth of Upper Takaka in Golden Bay while in the North Island near Paraparaumu & Masterton.


My user name ends up on the last few km of road in Southern Argentina, next stop Antarctica wheras the northern option is getting well up in Canada. Took some pics for Goblin last weekend and will be sending them on shortly. Good luck.

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