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CO didn't come for their own event

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So I just had a bit of a weird experience. There was an event posted for today near me, that was supposed to be a quick half hour event. In the description, the CO said that the event was to end at 5, because she has a plane to catch (yes, it was near an airport). 

Anyways, the CO didn't come. It was outside, and I sat outside for about 30 mins ( 20 mins left during the event, 10 min after it ended (?)). There may have been others as well, because there were a few people in their cars in the parking lot, but I was the only one sitting at the picnic table at gz. The CO put a note on the page saying they are in traffic, but that was posted right before the start time, and still hasn't updated the cache page, 2 hours later. 

I don't know what to do. I am going to message the CO, but is it okay for me to log it? 

Go ahead and debate :) lol

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I think it would be ok. I went to an event that the host canceled shortly before the event but I did not see the message. It was canceled so I did not log it.


At an event in Iceland I was the only one there besides the host. 

I have read of one event where the host did not show up but the attendees logged. 

You were there.  Log it.

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3 minutes ago, Viajero Perdido said:

I remember an event (Central America somewhere, IIRC), where nobody showed up, not even the owner.  No will attends, nothing.


I think vacation events are a waste of space.

I should have specified, the CO lives around here, she is going on vacation to the US. She is a very active cacher in my area

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I don't log most events we've attended, but that one I would.   :)   We've been to a few events where it's just us (or me alone) with/w/o the host.

One with a very busy EO who travels clear across the US every-other week, the family's flight schedule might have been changed, leaving no time for the event.

If you know for fact you're at GZ and hung out awhile, sure, log it...

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17 hours ago, psychpineapple said:

There may have been others as well, because there were a few people in their cars in the parking lot, but I was the only one sitting at the picnic table at gz.


Curious, did anyone else log they were there, waiting in parking, and saw a person at the picnic table ?

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I've attended (and logged) an event with only 4 people, including myself. I've attended (and logged) events where the organizer was unable to attend.


But the point of an event is " a gathering of local geocachers". I'd be hard pressed to call it a gathering (and therefore, and event) if it was just me, alone at a picnic table in a park.

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Yep, log it.   Sometimes life gets in the way.  I'm sure the owner intended to be there, but for whatever circumstances could not.  The event technically still happened.   It would have been nice if there were a few other people as well, but that's the way it goes sometimes I guess.



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I've been a CO that didn't make it to my own event. I knew the morning of the event so was able to post it to the event page so that it wouldn't have been a surprise to attendees. Looked like they had fun without me anyway.


I've also been the CO of several events where no one else came and I spent the time alone. 


Thankfully those two circumstances didn't overlap.


Yes, log it. 

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I host events fairly often, and occasionally I do have to miss one.  Luckily, there are a couple of regular attendees who've expressed a willingness to be backup hosts, and I've adopted the events over to one or the other.  That's an option.


You can even adopt out an unpublished event.  I did that once, when I knew extra-early that I wouldn't be available, but a backup host was already willing.  Ready-made page, here you go, have fun.  :)


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I eagerly anticipated attending an event hosted by a sort of infamous new geocacher who placed hides on private property, had hide coordinates hundreds of feet off, etc.  In fact, several of those of us who attended were really interested to meet this person and talk to them about proper hide techniques.  


The event owner never showed up.  Bummer!  And hasn't hidden a cache since.  And I think all their caches are archived at this point.  


I still attended the event with several others and we all logged it as attended.  The event owner didn't though lol.

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We had an event that we missed.  We didn't realize that we would be passing a time change in the state and would never make it.  We posted on the cache page to log it and if anybody wanted to hang around we would be there probably an hour or so later that the event.  Everyone logged and one stayed to meet us.  We figured that since the attendees went out of their way to attend, and they were at the event on time we couldn't take the smiley away from them.


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