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Release Notes (Adventure Lab®: Update to credit system) - March 28, 2023

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With today’s release, the Adventure Lab® team at Geocaching HQ has made several updates to Adventure Lab credits, detailed below.


  • When Adventure Lab credits are granted, we will now send an automated email to credit recipients
  • There are now three Adventure Lab credit types: 
    • Player credits - credits granted to players
    • Partner credits - credits granted to official partners
    • Mega-Event, Giga-Event, or GPS Maze credits - credits granted to hosts of these Events
  • Creators will continue to redeem credits in the online Adventure Lab builder. Now, credit parameters will be displayed with the credit and creators will have to select the credit they want to redeem. See an example in the screenshot below. 
    • Some of the new credit parameters that may be included when redeeming a credit:
      • Maximum number of Locations that are allowed on the Adventure
      • The visibility that is allowed on the Adventure: Public, Private, or Any visibility
      • Fees or Physical placements: Not allowed or Allowed. Please note that all Adventures must follow the official Adventure Lab guidelines unless Geocaching HQ grants special permission to a specific business or organizational partner. 

Example of Player credits on the Adventure Lab website builder:

This release does not affect our credit distribution criteria or frequency. To learn more about credit distributions, please see this Help Center article.

Erin (Oceansazul) is watching this thread to answer questions whenever possible.

Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Comments unrelated to the release may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks!



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5 hours ago, Geocaching HQ Admin said:

Player credits - credits granted to players


Aren't Player credits supposed to be "Public" only? Or can we make "Private" Adventure Labs now? This is what I see, when logged in:



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11 hours ago, Hügh said:

Aren't Player credits supposed to be "Public" only? Or can we make "Private" Adventure Labs now?


How does a Private Adventure Lab even work? Only people with the QR code or URL can access it?


What is the intention? Adventure Labs that are only available to event attendees?

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When we have granted credits to Premium members in the past, we always specified that "Adventures must be set to Public unless Geocaching HQ has given written permission otherwise." (this is also noted on page 8 of the builder guide).


We have updated the language shown in the builder to clarify these expectations. Going forward, we plan to distribute credits that can only be be set to public.


Please note that under the current credit distribution system, creators with any private Adventures will not be eligible to receive any additional credits. In order to be entered for selection, creators must set all their Adventures to public. For more details about credit distributions, see this Help Center article.

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