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Newletter en anglais pour les membres basic


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Je découvre avec étonnement que maintenant que je suis devenu membre basic que la newsletter envoyé par Groundspeack est en anglais. La dernière reçue aujourd'hui

Ready for a new challenge and new souvenirs?

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Geocaching Monthly

Tune in to the Wheel of Challenges each month to discover new geocaching challenges and earn souvenirs!

Step right up, geocachers, and get ready to have some good old geocaching fun with the Wheel of Challenges! Starting April 3, 2023, take on a new geocaching challenge every month for six months. Before the start of each month, we’ll spin the Wheel of Challenges to find out which challenge awaits. 

We took the wheel for its first spin and it landed on Seeking Smileys. This challenge is all about seeing how many caches you can find in a month. From April 3–30 you have the chance to earn three new souvenirs for easy, medium, or hard levels of the challenge:

Easy: Find and log 5 caches to earn the first souvenir.
Medium: Find and log 10 caches to earn the second souvenir.
Hard: Find and log 100 caches to earn the third souvenir.

Visit our blog to learn more about this new souvenir challenge.

Spin the wheel

News of the month


Let the good times roll at Alabama’s first Mega-Event: Bamarama! 

Have you ever dreamed of hosting a giant geocaching Event? Some geocachers in Gulf Shores did, and with true community effort, the first Mega in Alabama was born! For many in the northern hemisphere, a warm day in February is hard to find but in Gulf Shores, the stage for Bamarama was set  by white sandy beaches and bright skies! Head to our blog to hear more about the Event from Lackey jtcoffee who attended the Event.
Let the good times roll

Connect with your fellow geocachers 

We’re highlighting geocaching groups and organizations that enable players to make wonderful and sometimes lifelong connections with like-minded people. Let’s start by meeting the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization (NoVAGO)!
Learn more

Makes friends and spread joy with GeoTours: an interview with giacaches 

Avid readers of the Geocaching Blog have seen interviews with cache owners, volunteers, and countless folks who help make our game so special. But have you ever wondered who creates GeoTours and how much work goes into the process? Head to our blog to learn all about it from current Lackey giacaches who helped spearhead the Fargo-Moorhead GeoTour (FMGT) before her time at Geocaching HQ.
Read more

Three tips for adding geocaching to your everyday routine

A day where you can spend some time geocaching, whether it’s 15 minutes or 5 hours, is a good day. Finding a cache shows you new places, adds fun to your day, and gets you outside in the fresh air. It often feels like this kind of geocaching joy is something that you can only find if you have extra free time on the weekend or if you’re on vacation, but actually geocaching easily fits into everyday routines. Read on for tips on how to go geocaching regularly and start adding sparkle to the drab of the everyday.
Add geocaching
Geocache of the Week
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Partner applications
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Events near you
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New geocaches near you
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How did we do?
How did we do?
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Le bouton French nous dirige vers la page https://www.geocaching.com/blog/category/local/france/?newsletter=BM qui n'est pas une traduction de la newsletter ... Quid donc de la version française de cette newsletter pour les membres basics ?

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