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map granularity in the android app

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Within the last two weeks my satellite or hybrid view is terrible. If I zoom out as far as possible, the satellite view looks great, but as I zoom in it gets blurry, and more blurry to the point that it doesn't render any image at all when zoomed in the maximum amount. It leaves the names of major cross streets, but is totally useless when trying to navigate into a neighborhood. I checked for an update, have rebooted my phone several times to no avail. The satellite maps on c:geo, geooh go, and google are crystal clear at max zoom level. Is this a bug? Screenshot_20230319_121341_Geocaching.thumb.jpg.85f4e69afa1538a5bf9daaf5bea555c7.jpgAny suggestions?


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It's likely that when the map tile was downloading the network connection failed and the partial tile image was stored... so the map isn't trying to download again. If you can go to some other location far away and it loads fine, then it shows the app is working. The underlying Google map software is at fault.


Try clearing the Android storage and cache data in Android settings for the app. Or reinstall. 

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It was doing the same thing no matter how far away I went. I tried clearing the cache data on the Geocaching app, same thing. Cleared the cache data in Google and that did the trick - map looks great again fully zoomed in. Thanks so much for your answer.



Update: It was fine for a while and then reverted to the same problem. Uninstalled Geocaching App and then reinstalled it. It seems fine now, we'll see how it goes.

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Hello all, thank you for reporting this issue.


We believe this is an issue with Google Maps services and not the Geocaching® app. If you encounter this bug, please try the following steps:


Open device Settings > Tap Apps > Tap Google Maps > Tap StorageClear Cache and Clear Data


Hopefully this helps!

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Interesting... Android apps are not allowed to share data between them so issues with the Google Maps app cached map tiles should not affect other apps. Developers have asked Google to allow sharing of the cached maps though so that any downloaded maps in the Maps app would be available to other apps in offline mode. The idea would be to use the Maps app to download offline maps so that any app using Google maps would effectively have them offline. Maybe they listened and are doing just that. 

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I have been having this same issue on my Android phone. Sometimes it's okay but mainly not. I have done a reinstall of the app and it works the first outing but not after that.

When I look at Sat Map in google maps it's fine but not in the Geocaching app.

I have cleared cache on the app and on maps and still have an issue. I rebooted the phone and it worked for a minute and then reverted to severe granularity when zoomed.

I have NOT cleared the Storage data as I'm not sure what that does and if I will lose any saved maps?

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I have cleared the cache data.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Geocaching App.  Nothing helps.  I still can't zoom in.  It's still blurry, some parts don't even show pixels.  GC Droid still works fine, so I guess I'll be using it more now.


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I am having the same issue with the maps in the official app. This all began after the last app update. I do not have this problem with Google maps in any other application, crystal clear on Geooh. In fact the only map in the official app that seems to be working correctly is the trails map, which I rarely use, preferring they hybrid maps. Clearing the cache etc did not help. 


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