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my TB 16 ys traveling...

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4 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

Did you "edit" your page?  Only five "Discovers", no Retrieve or drop since 2007, not even by you, it could be anywhere. 

 On a code site or paper list handed out at events I'd bet...

Or a trackable pinched by a hoarder shown at events...

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9 hours ago, 1francie said:



don't know what country, have to look it up to see where it is now.


I'm guessing that you meant this one:  https://coord.info/TBPKF7

It was most recently in Wyoming.  Yes, 16 years in the wilds...  11,442.1 miles!


That one is "Spider Man".  Maybe it will visit my Spider-Man cache someday! :P


My earliest TB placement is 2012 (11 years), but as with many of mine, it sort of faded into the ether a long time ago.


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18 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

Or a trackable pinched by a hoarder shown at events...


This is a problem I have with some of my geocoins. They''ll go a long time without any logs then several will come in all of a sudden. Almost every one will say something like, spotted at an event. These will be on different coins so I have a feeling the coins aren't physically there and that only the numbers are being seen from a sheet of paper getting passed around..


Edited to add: One of my USA coins still getting logged was put out back in May 2003. Almost 20 years but as I said, probably ain't really traveling. :unsure:

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