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Adventure Lab indoors.

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Hi I recently saw a facebook post about doing an inside Adventure Lab. I thought I had asked the question - how do we create 1 of these? I have requested another adventure lab to create please. Thought if I am granted 1, I would like to do 1 indoors. Thank you low1

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Here is an example one an indoor LAB in a sports store:


Stage 2:

This location is where you find the multitools on the ground floor. Now there's a challenge: Use a multitool to undo each screw. Screws out, Read code, Screws back in. Might take some time... ;)  What word lies beneath the screws?


Stage 3:

You can find this beauty with the flashlights on the ground floor. The box hides a little secret that a flashlight might help to reveal. Place the light right and it will show you which word is the solution. Which word does the light reveal?



Stage 5:

This box is located with the books on the second floor. Open it and find a helpful little green bear. Place him where he will fit to see 3 different numbers in his belly. If you add them together, thats the solution to this stage. WATCH OUT: The bear can be placed upside down or turned around any which way.  What is the sum of the three numbers you found?


and so on.

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I have an AL, where 4 of 5 locations are inside a museum. The museum is free of charge (so no problem with the "no fees" guideline), has free WiFi, and a relatively large geofence makes sure you are inside the radius of each location even without precise GPS navigation.

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