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Transferring Geocaches I've found from a Garmin Montana to Apple MacIntosh

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Hypothetical situation:

I load a pocket query to my Garmin Montana.  For three days I geocache and mark "Found It" on an enormous number of geocaches each day.  I return home and want an easy way to log all these caches with the correct "found it" date.  This is fairly straight forward for PC users using GSAK.  However, I am an Apple MacIntosh user.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?  I have an app called iCaching, but don't see way do this it.  Thanks in advance!

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I prefer to write individual logs for each of my finds, and I would not remember what to write if I just wrote 'found' in notes. Generic notes are boring. But then I rarely do power trails, which I imagine is what you are finding.

"an enormous number of geocaches each day"

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I also prefer to write a more complete log. I do use cut and paste somewhat but try to individualize each log with something about the cache condition, the weather, what improvements I may have made (new log, dried a wet log, etc), or some other observation.  If I am finding a lot in one day it is more difficult to make each log unique but I never write TFTC.

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I do individual logs for most of my geocaches.  Every now and then we do power trails where we snag 90-200 geocaches in a day.  I don't do individual logs as there really isn't anything interesting to say.  If there is something noteworthy, I go back and edit my log accordingly.


The reason I am asking the questions is a group of us are doing the ET Highway in May.  We will get 2,400 geocaches in five days.  How many caches will we get each day?  I have no way of knowing.  However, if I can press "Found It" on my Garmin Montana then when I get home I will have a file that reflects what caches I got each day.  I can then process a mass logging using the correct date.  The cache owners of this power trail actually prefer a nice log on the first or last cache and then copy/paste logs for all others.


My other alternative is to purchase a cheap laptop and use GSAK.

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On 3/13/2023 at 4:01 PM, barefootjeff said:

The Garmin produces a file called geocache_visits.txt in its "Garmin" folder. Copy that file to the Mac, use a text editor to trim it down to the date range you want and upload that to the Drafts page on the website.

Thanks barefootjeff!  Exactly what I was looking for!

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10 hours ago, peter-tvm said:

If you are ok with a generic lig text on all caches cachetur.no has a function where you can upload the geocache_visits.txt and then add the same text on all caches and let the program log them.

Thanks peter-tvm!  I'll check into this and give it a try.  


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