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Add photo into cache description, so it shows in the app

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59 minutes ago, BirdSearcher said:

I am trying to add a photo into the description of a cache, it shows fine on the website but not on the app. Is it a matter of the size required? in order to show on a small phone screen?



Is your picture so massive (megabytes of data) that it takes a while to download?  If so, maybe there's a delay for it to show up.  I tried to guess which cache page you're asking about and failed to find it.


You can compare your page to this one:  https://coord.info/GC89W75

My cache has a 250x403 pixel JPG image.  It is rather huge in the App, and also shows up on the Geooh Go App.  I haven't tested other Apps, but I haven't see images often shown in the description.  Looks like anything much bigger than about 300px wide would be almost too wide for the screen.  I've never tested what happens if an image is huge, because (except for a form that I made into a PDF file with a link for full-page printing) I've had no reason to use a huge file or image size.


But you can set the image dimensions in the cache page editing box.  Maybe you can select 250px wide (or less) and have it then appear.


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I checked my Horton Soul cache page which has a paper jigsaw puzzle to print out and assemble.  It's a 429x653 pixel JPG.  It shows up in The Official App slightly squished horizontally (!), yet has the proper aspect ratio in Geooh Go.  Recently I made a Jigidi version of the puzzle for people to assemble if they can't print it.  Anyway that size appears on screen in the cache description. The puzzle image on my page is 80Kb in file size.


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Thanks for your replies, the image was 1200px X 800px so I will shrink it & see if that works. I am adding it into an already published cache page so also thinking I may need to log out of the App & login again in order to refresh it.

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19 minutes ago, SpiritGuide said:

Each app appears to render images in description differently. It's due to how the developer configures the app with the underlying technology. Geooh GO was worked on considerably to have visual fidelity with the website. 


While I was poking around in Geooh Go for this thread, I discovered that the first thing a cacher sees is a single background tile, centered at the top of the cache description.  Some of my pages have somewhat large background tiles, none intended to appear as a picture like that.  These Apps do have strange surprises in store.

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