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Hi everyone,

I realize that in "General Discussions by Country" there are forum groups of "speaking languages", that are used by countries and regions that speak the same language ( like French-speaking "Le geocaching en France , au Québec, en Wallonie, en Suisse Romande, et tous les autres pays et régions francophones" or ).

Why isn't a "Catalan-speaking" forum where people from Andorra (country where Catalan are the official language) or regions of Spain like Catalonia, Balear Islands and others could speak in that language?
Thank you very much

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Around 30 international or regional forum sections were created back in the "heyday" of the Geocaching Forums, when there were not other popular social media outlets where geocachers could have a discussion community unique to their native language or their home region.  Today, most of those conversations have moved to other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.  As a result, most of these specialized forum sections are no longer very active.  Only five of the international/native language forum sections had more than a dozen active discussions since the beginning of 2022.  Twelve of the forum sections had 0, 1 or 2 active discussions in that timeframe.


Because of this diminished popularity, new forum sections are not created at the pace they were added ten to twenty years ago.

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