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Travel Bug log option: American Heritage

Max and 99

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I have...  Uploaded goal photo for "Discovery",  Uploaded goal photo for "Freedom",  Uploaded goal photo for "Landmark/Memorial", and Upload goal photo for "Only in a Jeep", added to mine.

"Only in a Jeep" caught my eye, as it was a promotion where you took pics of a Jeep Trackable "looking like" it was atop a mountain, crossing a stream, etc., all created by you, and IIRC was for an actual Jeep.   All are goals for logging a Jeep Trackable promotion, and all allow me to click on them to their trackable page.

The other 2/3rds more involved in the logging it for the promotion, I was the model/terrain maker on some. 

Never noticed this before, good catch.  :)




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I hadn't seen that one before, but I agree, it looks like a promotional trackable goal. I don't recall ever seeing it, though, so I've no idea which one of these promotions it might be tied to.


Since I didn't start caching until 2007, I only have one "Only in a Jeep" photo submitted, and none of the others.


Hey, remember when one could actually come across Jeep TBs in an actual geocache, instead of only seeing them in collections? That was a fun time.


I was pretty happy to see a Unite for Diabetes TB recently; it's also bee a long time since I'd seen one in the wild.

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