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What's your favorite NZ cache?


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Ok, I have to ask - what is everyone's favorite cache and why?


I thought that it might be nice to see what everyone's favs are, so that when people are travelling outside their normal caching area they know that the high lights are in the area (i.e the must do caches)


My favorite cache would have to be Tasman Lookout on the Westcoast. The day we did it was fantastic (the westcoast really knows how to turn it on when it wants to), we travelled up along the coast from Greymouth and the bush looked so lush after the previous wet days. The walk to the cache was very cool - we passed through a rock arch to a very secluded beach before following a small track through the flax bushes then up a hill to the cache area where we were greeted with a spectacular panoramic view of the coastline.


Bernadette's favorite was Boulder here in Canterbury. The reason she enjoyed it was because of the walk to the cache (we took a slightly longer way to get to the cache) with the views back to Taylor Mistake and Lyttleton Harbour. At the cache site we had lunch in the sun while watching the world go by, a very relaxing way to spend the day.


That has to be the best thing about geocaching, going to an area you would never normally visit (and being able to share the areas you enjoy with others).

Looking forward to reading everyone else's favorites (and planning our next caching holiday icon_smile.gif)



Nick and Bernadette

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Yeah I've got awsome memories of the view and some really good photos taken from both of those places myself (good wallpaper to stare at on those longer days at work). Tasman lookout was darn cold the day I went there though.... I'll have to have more of a think about my favorite though (I can see a look at the 'done' list coming)....

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I could be accused of being a little biased but

Boulder would be my favourite. icon_wink.gif

The lovely walk out there from Taylors Mistake on a fine day takes some beating. I have very pleasant memories of sitting at the cache site enjoying some fine company, some wine, french bread and cheese whilst admiring the view.

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