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Promotion of file format standard for NZ mapping


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Hey all. Off the wall thought here. It would be nice to have an open standard to exchange data files from whatever mapping software we use right?


Well one exists and looks quite good. GPX - http://www.topografix.com/gpx.asp


I have been making some export filters for a web site recently and currenting using GPX, TopoMap and NZMapped. And I must say frankly that the file format support of TopoMap and NZMapped is not that good.


I was wondering if we should start nagging them to support GPX, possibly to the point of becoming their default file format as it is scaleable and can support simple to very complex data structures.


Any thoughts?


Cheers Gav

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I have mentioned it to the people who make TUMONZ, as I thought if they ever decided to offer the ability to open files of waypoints then this would be a good format to use - I have yet to hear a reply icon_frown.gif (They obviously have an internal method for doing it, but they are keeping in internal so they can keep selling MapBook addons for TUMONZ!)



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Originally posted by tgsnoopy:

I'll wave a flag supporting this icon_smile.gif.


Should we do this individually? Or write an open letter from the user community and attach as many signatures as we can collect, and then print it out and mail it to them?


This would perhaps show better coordination and solidarity, than if we flooded then with a set of individual requests.




Cheers Gav

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The most effective way... Both!


Registered users of the software can use their voice directly, and also users of other software can show their support along with registered users of the company we are approaching. This way we show solidarity accross the different users to them adopting an industry standard format icon_smile.gif.

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