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What makes a Good Geocaching Hide?

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What makes a Good Geocaching Hide? 




For me, Bigger is always better. I love finding big caches. Also don't hide a micro in a place that could easily conceal a larger container. Make sure the container is waterproof. It will save you from doing maintenance in the future.



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For me, it's something that has some good meat in it to work through, like Hawkesbury Heights #8 Gentleman's Geometry (GC6T5PZ) which took me three pretty gruelling trips spread over a couple of months to complete, with geometry being a recurring theme and a final location in a stunning spot.




The container is usually the least significant part for me, rather it's the journey to GZ (both across the ground and in solving any puzzles needed to get there) and the placement. Some COs have a knack for finding amazing spots for their caches and weaving awesome multis, puzzles and stories around them.


The downside, though, is that caches like these rarely get many finders. Gentleman's Geometry has only had seven in almost six years, the most recent being in 2021. Most finders these days are only interested in quick smileys and anything that's not a roadside traditional gets shunned. Just over a year ago I placed a multi on a headland that had been recently vacated when the previous traditional there got destroyed in a hazard reduction burn and was archived by its owner. It takes in the views over Woy Woy Bay as well as a series of huge sandstone caves along the lower track, with the final in a rock crevice that fits beautifully with the cache's bushranger theme.




It's had just five finders, two from Sydney vying for FTF the day after publication and then three locals since in March, September and October. By contrast, a roadside micro Adventure Lab bonus in Wyong, published at about the same time, has had 42 finds. A more recent one of mine, a regular-sized traditional at a scenic spot on Peats Ridge that was published a couple of months ago, has had just two finds.




"Location, location, location!" might be good in theory, but it's no wonder most COs put out roadside micros because that's all most finders want to find.

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Upon further reflection, what probably makes a good hide these days is a rugged doubly-enclosed micro like this one made by lee737:




Something like this can be put just about anywhere in urban areas close to parking and, as long as the log is regularly replaced as it fills, should be long-lasting.

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