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Thought everyone might be interested:

I have just been in contact with Dave Balm from LINZ about the NZTopo-online project, and here is his reply:

Hi Nick,

We are well advanced with the NZTopo-online project which will allow the NZTopo database (used to produce our 1:50k topo maps) to be displayed on and downloaded free from our website.

Unfortunately fell into the clutches of the legal eagles and will not now be available until June.

The database is unprojectioned and almost scaleless. It will be able to be displayed on the NZGD2000 datum in a wide range of scales.

Sorry for the delay but it will be worth waiting for.


David Balm

Senior Advisor NTHA

Land Information New Zealand

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I was keeping the change low key as it is still in beta mode but Nick is right, I have started using the official LINZ Topo Online mapserver on www.wherearewe.co.nz. I think the site is currently the only place the public can actually see the maps that will be available. I think they are a big improvement over the GeographyNetwork maps I was using. If you have any feedback on the maps I can pass it on.


For those of you that are using the site I'll be making some changes over the weekend to use NZTM projected maps rather than the unprojected ones. This should speed things up a bit and make road intersections look like right angles. You can still use NZGD2000 (WGS84) lat/longs in the URL's but will also have the option to use NZTM northings and eastings, using north= and east=.





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