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Stachey Pete

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For many months now, most of the photos sent to me through the Message Center come in such poor quality that I cannot see anyone's face or the details of there EarthCache photo. There is not difference between viewing the messages in the app or on the website using Chrome. Is this a know issue? Screenshot of a received EarthCache photo attached. 


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You may have seen an upscaled thumbnail image. When using the MC with my desktop computer, I can see three different size images. The first one is pretty small, 97 x 97 pixels thumbnail. When I open the image by clicking it, I see a larger 526 x 526 pixels version on a popup. If I want to see the original image, I must right-click the popup image and open the image to a new tab. Then I can see a fullscreen 2048 x 2048 pixel image.

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I don't get sent a lot of photos to the MC.  But last week, I received two.  One was from a cache finder trying to narrow down my cache, the other was the photo of finding it.  Both were heavily compressed postage stamp sized preview photos that don't expand to a viewable image.


Here's the first photo.  The cacher was asking me if this is where the cache is.  And I can't tell from the photo.






This may be a clue to the problem.  If I right-click the preview in Windows (Brave Browser), a window pops up as if it is going to show me the full-size image.  But it's instead an empty white sliver.




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