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Fence Post Cap or Top? Looking for a product...


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1 hour ago, MNTA said:

Buy from the hardware store and epoxy a hook to the inside

Yep. The ones I've found have looked homemade. Some drilled a hole in the cap and secured an eyebolt in the hole. Others used epoxy to secure a hook or eye to the inside of the cap. Others just used epoxy to secure the container itself to the inside of the cap. Lots of variations. Some just had the container sitting in the top of the post, not attached to the cap at all (either resting on top of something inside the post, or hanging from the edge of the post with a wire hook).


If I were making one myself, then I'd drill a hole in the cap, and use a cap nut on the end of the eyebolt, and a couple regular nuts tightened against each other on the inside. Be sure to use a new cap of your own; don't vandalize an existing fence post cap.

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3 hours ago, Wet Pancake Touring Club said:

There is a fence post cache near me that doesn't have a connection with the cap. It is dropped into the fence post, and is attached with a metal wire. The wire is just hooked over the fence post itself. The cap is pushed down to lock it in place.


My fence post cache is similar.  It may be retrieved with a magnetic nut or bolt on a string.  The fence post cap has a decoy tag hanging from it, the same tag that's been there since 2009.


When I asked for permission for my first cache in that park, the manager had a fence post cap on his desk.  He's a Geocacher and excitedly told me he'd love to make a cache out of that.  So I made the decoy and hid the actual container nearby.  :anicute:

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We've been to a few areas where you can tell numerous fence caps have been lifted, so accurate coordinates are important. 

I'd bet most landowners that would give permission wouldn't if they saw how some areas looked after folks can't find a cache in the "obvious" spot...

All we've found were either welded hook w/ cable to a cap (that hopefully belongs to the CO), and the original replaced later, or a simple bent wire with hanging bison that still fit with the cap.   

We saw the bent wire missing the most, the bent end drawn up with the cap and the whole thing falls to the bottom.

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Saw a plastic fence cap with a glued preform in/on it on Etsy.

I'd think with a metal fence cap at say, shoulder height or better, shorter people would be banging that rigid container against the top of the post (chance to fall/break apart).


Geocachingstuff.com has two sizes in a metal one, but doesn't say how the container is attached or what it is.

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3 hours ago, barefootjeff said:

Maybe just utilise a fence post that's already lost its cap.

Yep. A number of the fence post cap caches that I've found have been in locations where the only fence post cap was the one that held the cache.


3 hours ago, Gill & Tony said:

That's fine in theory, but what do you do with the original cap?  You can't leave it in place, so you have to take it away.   Either way you end up with a "vandalised" cap in place.

Are you suggesting that it's okay to ignore the guideline prohibiting damaging, defacing, or destroying property to hide a cache?

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I think I recall a similar post long ago about a hide like this.  The cap problems were solved by making an oval shape from a loop or two of heavy wire, like a coat hanger.  The small diameter was a little larger than the inner diameter of the fence post.  A bison tube or similar container was attached to the bottom of the long diameter.  Then the loop was pushed into place inside the post; the wire is springy enough to push against the inner wall and hold the cache in place at the top.  But not so tight that it can’t be pulled out. 

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