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Problem to publish a new cartridge


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I created a new Wherigo cartridge and finally it's done. So I was going to upload it at Wherigo.com. The upload starts and after a while the form for details opens. After filling it out and pressing the button for saving details, the Error Page appears. It says "An Error occures. Visit Start Page and start again." or something like this.


The Support ist not able to provide support and said I should ask for help in forum. So here I am. I have no idea what could be wrong. It's my first Wherigo.


Thank you for help.

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Check the usual stuff:

  • Make sure you're not using HTML in your description.  This is likely about 95% of the problems right there.  (And if you're just using the "<" and ">" characters, try going without them.)
  • Make sure the cartridge file is under 20MB
  • Just in case, use the online compiler service on the site to make sure it'll compile your cartridge

About the only place you can get Wherigo support is this forum.  Groundspeak redirects everyone here.  Everyone in this forum is nice and helpful, and I'm proud of this community.

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Thank you so much. I removed the html brackets which were automatically inserted. Then the process works fine.


Unfortunately there are now problems when downloading the cartridge via the Whereyougo player in Android. what could be the reason for this again?


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I'm not as familiar with the Android players, but there was recently a thread where someone was asking similar questions.  Since your question was vague, I can't give you a specific answer.  I don't know if you can't download the cartridge at all, don't know where it's downloaded to, are downloading it and are pointing the app to the right location, have given the app the ability to read from the right location, etc.


Try the thread below to see if its solution works for you.  If not, I suggest you post there a question that specifically details what you're seeing and trying to do.

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I try to describe it in more detail. it's not the problem that whereyougo doesn't open and tries to start the download. but then an error appears. see image


with other cartdriges it always worked. it is therefore not a problem with the configuration of the smartphone. I'll give you the link here so someone else can test it.







EDIT. i tested the download on an iphone with the Wherigo app. It actually works there.


I came across this thread in the forum. the problem has probably existed for a long time. I have no idea why it hasn't happened to me before. you have to help yourself with a workaround and move the download manually.





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