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Donovan found the stash


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I just received this great log entry for one of my caches - Donovan did not find the cache, but did find the stash!


I was in a rush, so I didn't have time to search for very long. I didn't find the cache, but, I did find the dead sheep. Interestingly, at the exact cache coordinates (according to my GPSR), I found a hessian sack containing a black ribbish bag. I thought that this must be it (as it was well hidden), but, when I opened it I found that it contained a large stash of pot (only leaf and not really worth stashing). I took it with me and dumped it at the next camping ground where we were staying. As we were leaving, a 4WD came out of the home stay just up the road and parked where we had been, this may have been the owner of the stash. I bet they thought it was well hidden, but, they didn't count on geocaching! Cheers, Donovan.


Good on you Dovovan for removing the stash, sorry that you did not find the cache.



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Now that is funny!


But on a more serious note; if you find a crop in the bush somewhere, it's best to immediately turn around and go back the way you came - a lot of crops have traps around them and owners may get violent if they see you interfering with their stuff. It would be sad to see a geocacher injured 'cause he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


If you do want to do something about it, it's best you report it to the police. I personally don't have anything to do with that sort of thing, but growing up and tramping on the West Coast, you learn a few things about how to keep safe!!

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