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Hi All.


Well, after some private discussions and testing, we have created some forums for discussing issues wider than just geocaching as is allowed in this forum.


I would like to invite everyone to http://gps.org.nz/forums which is their permanent home.


I would like to thank BigNick and tgsnoopy for helping out, and agreeing to help me manage and moderate these forums. Please forgive us in advance if there are minor problems whilst we come to grips with the system. It is fairly similar to what is used now on geocaching.com so should be easy to transition to.


The initial forums are (all specific to NZ): -


* Recreational GPS - general recreational GPS discussions

* geocaching

* geodashing

* minutewar

* software/mapping

* hardware

* forum support


We look forward to seeing you all there!


Cheers Gav


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Not that I'm complaining or anything, and I'm certainly for an NZ GPS Society, but why do we need a seperate discussion area outside of Groundspeak as well? This forum seems to work well, it's the first place foreign geocachers would look for NZ info, and you can search across all Groundspeak forums for generic geocaching topics. Are the society forums aiming to replace this forum, or do we now check two message boards?


Auckland Kayakers Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/auckland-kayakers

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While initially the society is going to primarily focusing on Geocaching, it is intended to be a NZ GPS Users society rather than a NZ Geocaching society - the forums are for discussing issues specific to the use of GPS's in New Zealand (eg the creation of the society, interfacing with DOC, NZ mapping products etc etc)


I think that the Groundspeak forum should still be used for the general discussion of geocaching in NZ, but the gps.org.nz forums will allow us to discuss things outside of geocaching, and provide forums (eg For Sale) that you can post in, where your posts will not disappear, never to be read by a fellow NZ GPS user.


There are also some other GPS related games that Gav and I have been thinking about, that are not geocaching related, so discussing them on the Groundspeak forums is not appropriate (when it comes time to make them public icon_wink.gif)




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