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Question to everyone: what's your favourite trackable you have found

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8 hours ago, ThatDevRaven said:

Question to everyone: what's your favourite trackable you have found please share your experience along with photos if possible happy geocaching everyone!

The first trackable that came to mind was Cookie Monster Cookbook TB. The tag was attached to a notebook with several cookie recipes, and each person was encouraged to add a favorite cookie recipe before moving it along.


Unfortunately, I don't have any photos, and the next person to retrieve the trackable supposedly still has it (almost 16 years later).

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At the risk of being "that guy" and blowing my own horn, I'm pretty chuffed with how my acrylic geo-coin proxies turned out. The photos don't do them justice, and they feel really nice in the hand too. I think I may have done too good a job with them, as they were both picked up after I released them, then no more logs for either. One was picked up between Jan and May 2022 and the other one in early April 2022. No idea what they're doing now.

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My favorite TB was just the tag on a chain.  It originated from a military base in Afghanistan in 2013, travelled to the US after a few drops, was logged as missing in 2015, then reappeared and was placed in a remote cache in Pittsburgh in 2016.  It was there until late 2018 when I picked it up.  I was amazed by the journey it made, and knowing that many TBs disappear, I was hesitant to release it because of its provenance.  I held onto it much too long, but since TBs are supposed to travel, I decided that it had to go back into the wild, and I placed it in a war memorial cache, which seemed appropriate.  Last I checked it was still moving, one way or another. 

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