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Garmin E-Trex 20


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Sorry to create a new topic but couldn't find the reply I need.


How can I delete all the geocaches saved on my GPS to load new ones? I have a lot stored from the early years (2013/4?) when I used BaseCamp.


I don't want to reset the machine cause I'll loose the maps a friend installed back then and some years later. 


The question is more if there is a (legal and safe) program that can manage the GPS like BaseCamp used to do. 


I use Windows 10 Home version 21H2 (if that is important)...


Thank you in advance! 

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Plug your Etrex 20 into your computer via the USB wire


The computer should attempt to pick it up as a new drive, allow it if prompted


Open up the File Explorer and the drive that is your Etrex 20, go to X:\Garmin\gpx folder  where X is the driver letter of your device. If you have an SD card installed, that will also show up as a hard drive on it's own but the path to any geocaches stored on your SD card will be the same as mentioned. 


Delete anything that is *.gpx, easiest to do if you sort by file type. That will clear the unit.


A full reset, which you probably don't need, will also delete out all the geocaches. But it's a much harder solution. 


That will clear your geocaches out of your unit. Basecamp still works with Windows 10 by the way and I use it for recording walks and bike rides. 

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For future, Basecamp isn't the most effective geocache manager. It's great for tracks, waypoints, and routes. But for geocaches, there is a lot to be desired.

You can either manage lists or pocket queries and load the GPX files on your device directly, or you can work through a geocache management program such as GSAK. Something like this will help you keep geocaches more efficiently.

To remove a geocache, you can mount your GPS in mass storage mode and navigate to the GPX folder and delete the gpx files containing the geocaches. This may be trickier to decipher if Basecamp didn't name the file with the type of data located within it, and GPX files can contain multiple data types (waypoints, routes, tracks, and geocaches). Again, this is where GSAK comes in handy because you'll export a file containing only geocaches and related data.

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Thank you all for your replies and sorry I didn't thank before! I'll try your ideas asap! 


About BaseCamp, it simply doesn't moove caches like before, since I got the laptop I have now, at the time someone told me it was a bug with Windows or something like that... I try every year since then but the problem persists. 


I only knew Basecamp as a cache manager, I don't use the GPS for nothing else. 


And I can't delete the caches from the GPS directely, there's no option "delete" on caches. I'll try or ideas.



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You can delete Caches directly without software. When you open in the file explored you click the Garmin folder then the GPX folder and they will be in there, if you're in icon/thumbnail mode switch to detailed list view. You can then sort the files by date that way you can drag a square over a bunch you want to delete or use the CTRL + click method if there are things in between you want to sort.


If you want to delete all Caches you have now in general then just sort alphatbetically as all the files use GeoCache serial numbers that start with GC followed by a bunch of random numbers and letters. 


I have an eTrex 20x I use as well so I provided some shotscreens, I'm using Linux but the folder structure will be the same on windows so you can see what I mean about the files. 




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