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"Please specify a regionId in shipping address" when trying to check out


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Hey team, I'm trying to check out in the shop, but whenever I click "Next" on the shipping page, it's throwing this error. This is a new address, and my previous address still works fine.

I've double checked it's corrected, and tried adding it again but I'm still seeing the same issue. I've shipped plenty of stuff here from other shops before, so I have no idea what the issue may be. Any idea what's up?





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On 1/18/2023 at 11:14 AM, philthriller said:


We are sorry to hear of issues checking out on the Shop Geocaching site. Can you reply to me at phil@geocaching with the email address associated with the shop account and include the address you are trying to enter? Thanks, Phil 


Hey, Phil - the SPECIFIC solution to ADKer's problem is none of our business, but please come back and generally update us on this issue since more than one of us (so far) is having the problem.


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I had this issue when trying to ship to a different address other than my default (similar to the screenshot above).


When I went into my profile address book just now and edited my default shipping/billing address, then picked the default (uneditable) address to ship to, I was able to get past this error.


That said, I also can't delete additional ship-to addresses from the profile address book, so that's fun.

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