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Sequential filter not working correctly

Max and 99

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Currently the sequential filter is showing non-sequential adventure labs. I've moved the map around to completely different areas, clicked on the search this area, moved it back to my area and it is still showing non sequential adventure labs in the sequential filter even though that is the only filter I'm using. 

On a side note, what does the third party libraries mean on the AL app? 

V 1.3.45


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Something weird is going on. My adventure lab that I know for sure is sequential is showing as non-sequential in the app. 

So maybe the filter is correctly filtering for sequential adventure Labs but the listings themselves now show them as non-sequential. 

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32 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

Just an update that there is still a bug. 

The filter does work as expected here. Could it be that you are confusing sequential and non-sequential?

Sequential = Do the LabCaches in a given order

Non-Sequetial = Do the LabCaches in any order.



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I have confirmed the behavior with a second person. My adventure lab is set to sequential. When I filter for sequential adventure labs it appears on the map but when you click on it, it states it is non-sequential and appears to be playable in any order. Same with the others on the map. 

Some ALs on the app after filtering are sequential but many are not, so something is amiss.

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