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Cache-on-Kai app for KaiOS flip phone


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Cache-on-Kai software on a KaiOS flip phone question. 

using seems to re-route to geocaching.com and wants my geocaching log-in and password. Can I trust it or is it possibly phishing? 

App says it is authorized developer of geocaching.com but I do not see that on geocaching.com site anywhere. Where can I check for legitimacy of "authorized developer" of geocaching.com? 


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I've been using the Caching-On-Kai, very successfully, since I switched from a smartphone to a Nokia 2720.  The program works well, recognizes that I'm a Premium user, recognizes all my "Found" history, and is very easy to use on the limited keypad and screen of the flip.  The Nokia 2720 has an issue where the GPS and Cellular antennas are too close to each other, so you have to do some cycling between 4G and GPS, but, I've found every cache I've looked for with it..  The program author, Canyouswim,, says this issue has been fixed in the newest Nokia 2780....I may switch...flips are cheap, compared to smarthones!


Hope this helps...!!

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