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Watchers and Favorites

The Snowdog

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Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything in the search. I know that you can no longer view who is watching a cache (including your own) because of EU regulations (and this has been the case for some time now). But you can view who favorited a cache - any cache, not just your own. What subtly in the law allows one, but not the other? Just curious... 

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16 hours ago, The Snowdog said:

 I seem to remember that we once used that feature (or something like that) to figure out who was stealing containers.


One of the reasons we were very happy to see the audit go bye-bye from PMO caches was the false opinion that someone could "figure out who was stealing caches" using it.  There were so many ways to look at a PMO page undetected, that it simply no longer made sense.

Unlike the watch, where you click watch and be watching that cache page forever, unknown, simply looking at a PMO page, even accidently, logged you in.

We finally stopped clicking on links to caches here in these forums when folks didn't warn that it's a PMO, when that one too-curious CO asked why we were looking at their NW cache when we're in the NE.  

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