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Need for updating notifications on older accounts


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Well, I just figured out the answer to a mystery that has been a problem lately.
Last spring I hosted a Community Celebration Event, but few local cachers posted "Will Attend." So I contacted all the regulars I knew and personally invited them. Many said they did not get a notification.
Fast forward to this fall. While scanning the local caching map, I noticed another Community Celebration Event that I had not gotten a notification for. So I checked my notifications settings and saw that I hadn't set up notifications for Community Celebration Events because, frankly, I set up my notifications so long ago that there was no such thing.
I also noticed that I didn't have any set up for new virtual or locationless listings, because new virtuals and locationlesses are only a fairly recent thing. That explains why I've only found new virtuals/locationlesses on the map by accident.
I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.  Is there a way for the website to suggest everyone review their settings every so often?
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This has been one of the clunkiest parts of the website since 1943.  User interface only a coder could love.  I'm sure it's in the needs-to-be-rewritten-but-no-time pile.


I had the same experience as you when I hosted a CCE - nobody noticed!  And that's referring to the old-timer regulars who do notice and attend my standard events.


I'm getting a bit jaded about shiny new things...

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