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Custom FTF coins?

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Hello all! Though I've been involved with navigation through orienteering, flying, boating, hunting,  etc. , I've just recently become involved with geocaching. My wife and I are having a lot of fun exploring caches in our area, and look forward to looking for more while traveling.  We have noticed that the caches that require a bit of a hike to get to are much less visited, and they have been some of our favorites. Great excuse to get some exercise and experience some new trails.  


I am anxious to place a few caches, and have been looking at some hikes we enjoy, and checking to see if there are caches already there.  I've found some great hikes, some with fantastic views, that have no caches.   I have a very nice laser engraver that I use for engraving firearms, knives, and other items. I've been thinking it would be cool to engrave some "First to Find" coins for the caches that I place that require a bit of work to get to.  The coins would be specific to the cache. If I named the cache "Bob's Mountain Lookout", the coin would say something like "First to Find - Bob's Mountain Lookout" on one side, and have a pertinent saying, like "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" on the other. 


I would note on the cache page that the first to find the cache will have a custom coin for them to take to commemorate the find.  I assume that is okay, and doesn't violate any rules?  I figure if someone is willing to take a bit of a hike to get to a cache and be the first to do it, getting something cool might be fun.   Maybe I could also do something like add another custom coin some time after 100 log visits or something to incent people to keep visiting the cache?  We also have a couple boats and some kayaks. I think placing some cache's that would be accessible only to paddle craft, and require a bit of effort to get to, would be a lot of fun for some folks.  We already have some of those in our area, but there are a lot of very cool areas with no caches. Placing caches in some favorite areas would be a great way to get me to visit the areas more frequently as I would need to do cache maintenance and such.


I had no idea how big this hobby had become, and how many people are participating. We live in south centra Washington, and the number of cache's is mind blowing.  Some folks have gone to quite a bit of effort to place and maintain some really nice caches. I very much want to give back to the community and place some fun caches as well. 

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Nope, no guideline violations at all. 

Many people create 'signature items' to leave and many people like to collect them. Commemorative coins for new caches would be welcome by any finder, I would think.


If you wanted to START one of these coins in a new cache, but make it a trackable 'TravelBug', then you can even buy an official Tracking Number that you can add to any item. It'll have its own Trackable page. Lot's of people put Trackable Numbers on their own T-shirts or jacket patches or cars or Walking Stick medallions, etc. Cachers who encounter them 'out there' can log the encounters.


It's a cool idea - learn more in the Trackable section of the website.


Come back to this thread and let us know what you end up doing.


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