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Feature Request: Disallow deletion of locations after an AL has gone public and has been played


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The AL Builder Guide says:


IMPORTANT: Adventures can be edited at any time to change the question type. However, when your Adventure is Public you cannot add or remove Locations without disrupting the player experience.

(Emphasis by me)


I would be nice, if removing a locations after the location has been completed at least once, and adding a location after the AL has been completed at least once were actually prevented in the AL builder (and the wording in the builder changed accordingly). The system cannot handle the situation well (writing of a "disruption" of the player experience is IMHO a bit of a euphemism ;) ), and it's not necessary for maintenance purposes at all. When you need to update a location (incl. moving it to a new place), you can still do it. If an AL becomes completely nonviable because of massive changes on site, you can just switch it to "Off".


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