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topo software..softmap or touratech

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While the SoftMap Topo50 maps cost less then other types their GPS interface is a bit of an unknown. There is no demo available and neither has it been reviewed by anyone that I know of. The screen shots seem to indicate that it's a text interface rather than graphical. On the plus side it has been engineered by FUGAWI.


You may want to check out this forum about SoftMap

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Fix the poll please!


I have softmap. Other then a really CHEAP way to get ALL of southern Ontario in a scrollable map, it sucks. The only other good thing I can say is it's printing capabilities.


The interface is cludgy and in the basic software you can only add one waypoint at a time and not import waypoints en mas.


You CAN import multiple waypoints IF you spend $$$ on the GPS add on (costs about as much as the original software.. DUH!)


I'd love to hear about QVN or some other software that HAS the topos. Fugawi and Ozi are much better but you have to supply your own topos or purchase them on CD for LOTS of extra CASH.



Mobile Cache Command

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