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issue with gc.com search API - hiddenBy

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I'm using GSAK, which uses the LIVE API, to handle, deal with caches.


I recently encountered an issue when trying to fetch caches hidden by a specific user. 
For some users this works fine, but for some users this does not work as expected - instead hundreds, thousands of caches of a lot of different users where imported, however none of the cache owner in question. 


Digging further into this problem and playing around with my own profile settings and authorizations, it turned out to be this is caused by the profile authorization setting
"Do not share my personal information with Authorized Developer applications".

If this option is turned on, the caches hidden by the owner in question can no longer be retrieved, which is somehow expected as this is the way the API is supposed to behave, in that case however, a 401 http code should be return

rather than hundreds, thousands of caches owned by a lot of different owners are fetched. 


This obviously seems to be a bug. 

regards, Wolfgang 



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This has now been fixed to return a 403, instead of the 401 proposed here.


It's not that you weren't authenticated/authorized to see the content because we didn't know who you are, but rather that you didn't have permissions to access them. So 403 was more accurate.


The public API documentation will be updated shortly.

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