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Looking to buy a GPS unit

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Is there a GPS unit that has any advantage for use in Canada out there?

Better Canadian maps, features?

We are looking to pick up a GPS to start playing.

Lot's of features on them, any help would be great.



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I can only speak for the GPS I am using which is the Garmin Map 76. The map that came with it (installed in it) is very detailed. They advertize using "MapSource"tm maps that you can purchase and upload to the unit but I found that the map that is integral to the unit is much more detailed than what mapsource has available. I have been using other units for years including the Magellans and other Garmins and found this to be the one for me. It is a bit expensive and from the discussion here, I think people would generally recommend the Garmin GPS V. I have never used it and never even seen it but everyone here thinks it is great. A lot has to do with how much you are willing to spend.


If you want to discuss it more my email address is TrollGRG@aol.com


You can also check out the units and prices at GPS city in Calgary. They offer good prices and free delivery if your order is over a certain amount.




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The base map in my Garmin Vista was OK, with MapSource it is better, every road down to the range & township level. And for the few biggest cities, Van, Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa, it has the MetroGuide including restaurants, ATMs, you name it. It led us to a great Greek restaurant last week when visiting Vancouver.


You may also want to look at www.gpscentral.ca, I bought mine there and am quite happy.

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