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Blue dots - what changed?

the Seagnoid
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Sometimes in the Geocaching App I get little blue dots in the menu strip at the bottom of the screen. The blue dot on the Profile icon is usually a new souvenir. But the blue dot on the Lists icon? It has been there for months now and I do not know what it is. I assume one of my lists has changed - but which one?


Could we please have the blue dot replicate to lower levels in the menu all the way to the specific item.




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You'll usually see a blue dot on the List icon in the bottom navigation when you have a downloaded List that changed. In that case you see a round arrow on that List.

A change would be for example if you added a cache to a downloaded List - since that cache is not part of the downloaded data of that List yet, the app encourages you to refresh the List.


@the Seagnoid, scrolling through your Lists, one of your Lists you show a green round arrow next the the overflow menu (three dots in a circle) on the right. You can either refresh the downloaded List by tapping the green round arrow, or remove the offline data of that List via the overflow menu. Both actions should clear the blue dot.

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