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[BUG] Map | Filters: Searching for cache placed on exact date returns only wrong date results (Firefox)


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Steps to reproduce the erroneous behaviour (using Firefox version 105.0.3 (64-bit):


  1. Open the regular map here https://www.geocaching.com/play .
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. In the section "Placed date", select "On".
  4. Click on the date picker tool thing and use the tiny arrows to change the year, e.g. to 2019.
  5. When the calendar view for October 2019 is shown, select 16.
  6. Click Apply.


Expected result: The map shows a filtered view of caches placed on 16/10/2019 (dd/MM/yyyy).

Actual result: The map shows a filtered view of caches places on 15/10/2019.


See screenshots below. All the caches that are visible in the filtered screenshot were placed on the 15th, not the 16th.


Upon re-testing, selecting the date 17/10, caches returned in the list of results were placed on the 16th.


And a related opinion:

The date shown in the Filters | Placed date | Date field resets every time Filters is opened, and is not all that user friendly, with having to select the month/year and then having to click on the actual date in the calendar, even if the date looks right in the input/select fields. Perhaps using a text field with validation would be better? Where the user types in the numbers, according to their selected locale (dd/MM/yyyy vs MM/dd/yyyy) and the separators are added automatically when the user types.





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