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How much can the Garmin 65s and Garmin 66SR record with a one-second interval?

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Each time you power the device on, if the current date is later than the date of the last track point in the current track log recording, that track log recording is auto archived,  and a new track log is started. 


I have never tested to see what happens if the device is powered on and recording a track log before, during,  and after the stroke of midnight for the time zone the device is currently located in.

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On 11/3/2022 at 12:42 AM, Mineral2 said:

My guess is UTC. Displayed time can be converted from UTC using Time Zone data, but I'm betting that all calculations are made using UTC.


Technically,  GPS Time is the standard for the GPS system.  UTC is the standard for the (physical) world.   However, GPS System Time (GPST) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) were once the same.  UTC must keep in sync with the earth’s rotation, GPST does not, so at midnight, January 6, 1980 a leap second was added to UTC due to earth’s slowing rotation rate, but GPST did not change.  More leap seconds were added over time so that by September 11, 2020 GPST was ahead of UTC by 18 seconds.  Part of the NAV message sent to the GPS receiver includes corrections so that both clocks (actually oscillators) are in sync.

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