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Best way to remove the AA batteries from Garmin handheld?

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The last Garmin unit that I got which was easy to remove AA batteries was the 60CSx. Every Garmin handheld unit I've got since is really difficult to remove AA batteries. I've tried using the tip of a pen or the flat end of a nail clipper to remove the batteries and over time it just damages the exterior of the batteries. It's not an issue for disposable AA batteries, but it's an issue for rechargeable AA batteries. So I guess I'm wondering what's a better way to remove the AA batteries?



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Just now, RecipeForDisaster said:

I have a strip of clear plastic packaging material running behind the batteries, wide enough so that I can pull the material while holding it from both sides and the batteries pop out. Hopefully this makes sense.


Pictures? I'm surprised Garmin never really addressed this. 

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1 hour ago, RecipeForDisaster said:

I don’t have either unit with me. Picture a band aid running behind the batteries, extending out so it’s a grab strap on either side. It folds around the front of the batteries, so it doesn’t affect the seal of the door.

Gotcha. Surely there has to be an easier way to do this. Are there any non-abrasive tools?

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