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the best places to hide?


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Actually you raise a good question that I have been pondering myself since I started this game.


I think most Geocachers do it not just for the "find" but the experience. And with that in mind, I think the best caches have been hidden where they provide the "hunter" with an experience they would not have otherwise. Weather it be a microcache near a building of interesting architecture, or a cache that takes you on a 10 km hike through old growth pine forest, it should provide something different.


For example, I found a geocache on the weekend that was on an island on a small inland lake. To get to the cache we had to figure out the best place to launch the canoe, canoe 3 km to the island and then use the GPS to find the cache on the small island, The best part of this cache find wasn't the find but the spectacular view created by chalky white rock cliffs that surround the lake and unbroken carpet of forest rolling up and over the hills..


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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As for the actual hiding spot. The most important thing is to have good co'ord's because that is what this game is about. The better the co'ord's are the more comfortable you can feel about totally concealing the cache.


Things to consider:


Are you getting good satellite reception, and will searchers also have good reception. Take in to account seasonal foilage and weather.


Multiple satellites in the same spot are not going to give the greatest co'ord's. ie. A certain cache planter might think he's getting a good reception in the bottom of a deep canyon but chances are the next visitor won't.


There is nothing wrong with challenging the capabilities of our GPSR's but at least have a location nearby where one can get good co ord's and then use a compass.


A sheltered location for the cache. In our area we get a lot of rain, even tupperware type containers seem to get wet. And then there's one cacher who has hidden cache's below the high tide line and within a rivers high water mark, both gone.


Minimize environmental damage by not hiding cache's where searches will inadvertently trample the heck out of the countryside.


Most of all remember THIS IS A GPS GAME and anyone who arrives at the correct, posted co'ords should be able to find the cache. WITHOUT CHEATING! Having said all this, one of the things I like most about this activity is that it hasn't been cluttered up buy to many rules.

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I stash the kind of caches like that I like to look for myself. Something that is rural and calls for a good hike to get to. Geocaching for me, and others I'm sure, is a great excuse to get up off the couch, or from behind a computer, and get some exercise! I always scout out the areas first to make sure there is something interesting about them. That could be a particular point of interest or just a generally nice kind of area. I’m actually new to the area I live in now, which is central to most of my caches, so I use old topo maps and compare them to new maps to find the old ruins of homesteads, closed roads, decommissioned railways and goat paths etc. Then I go hiking and see if it is worthy of a cache. I think I must be on the right track as nobody has said, *Coupar-Angus, your cache sucked!* !! I’ve actually got praise for all of mine so I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I have a couple more that I would like to do that I’m sure people will enjoy. I guess if you seek one of my caches, bank on walking or mountain biking a few miles - and probably up some hills too!


Cheers! Coupar-Angus

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Originally posted by Pendragonred:

i'm just new at this game..i have tried to hide some caches but only one of them were in a fairly good place..the other was not so good how do i define which is good and which is not so good?

do they all have to be on hiking trails..or what?

They can be anywhere. I think you can learn a great deal about what makes a good spot by visiting as many as you can before planting one. Try and take the cacher to a place they have not been before, some beautiful hidden location that they did not know about. That's the thing I like about geocaching. Hiking trails are popular because they are usually on public land and a trail is an easy means to get deep into the forest. Too close to the beaten path may get it discovered by accident though.

I've used aerial photos of my region sometimes to look for neat cache spots. Everytime i pass a neat area I often think "That's a good spot for a geocache!"

Be sure to do your homework, make sure there is reasonable distance from other geocaches and that you have permission to plant it there.

Camoflaging the container can be great fun too!



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I try and give meaning to any cache I place, my Height of Land cache is an easy hike, short or long, but offers a great view of out towns and industry, easy find. The Topsails is a short but difficult hike with a fantastic view of a remote area, not a difficult find. Gull Island is a 4 x 4 drive, an interesting view of a possible future hydro site, should be easy find, close to the truck. Planted is a short bushwack close to town, easy one for newbies. Kips is another short bushwack but along a nice trail, short but around a lake, bit difficult to find. Koch 15 is a great view, can be short bushwack or a longer hike along some very interesting trails, easy walk up. The Hole is a long and hard hike through some very interesting landscape, just off the trail. For me Geocaching is getting outdoors and out of the truck and I like to spend 2-4 hours on a hunt most of it by foot.


Gordon Parsons, Labrador

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Originally posted by Pendragonred:

i'm just new at this game..i have tried to hide some caches but only one of them were in a fairly good place..the other was not so good how do i define which is good and which is not so good?

do they all have to be on hiking trails..or what?


There should be some point to a cache for it to be . The memorable ones for me are not necessarily the most clever or difficult. Sometimes and old ice cream container in a tree stump is terrific if getting to it opened my eyes to something new.


A great cache might be a city landmark that I've walked by a thousand times, or at the end of a boardwalk in a park that I would never have gone to unless it was to bag a find.


But you seem to be asking about locations to hide... well, the most successful ones -- ones that don't get discovered and destroyed -- are in spots that work year round and are not too effected by snow or plant life. If there's a path, look for something off the path that's not too obvious but appropriate.


Caches don't have to all be on hiking trails, but many are because that affords some privacy... for the exact opposite, check out Millenium Boardwalk by Barnies Band of Gold.


Think virtual and locationless too.


Happy caching

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I love the sights and scenes on the way to the cache sometimes more than finding the cache itself.


I recently planted my first cache and since I am a history buff and thought others might enjoy finding a virtual cache with an interesting story behind it I used a memorial in a graveyard for my virtual.

"Down to the Sea" is the name of the cache.

Since this one seems to have been favorable for those that found it I am going to do another.

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