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GPS Pub Crawl

Mic or Mac
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HI, crash test I'm just new to geocaching,,, I LOVE it i started while in vacation to BC we found 32,,, saw many great views,,,, but now am back in moncton,,,, was wondering if u are able to do any this time of year. I had figured would be next to impossable for now, but am willing to try if others have been, LOL

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We have about 4 caches within the city limits, with about as many pubs. There are also about f outside the city limits within 20 of my house. Toronto would be a great place to have a pub crawl. With so many people and pubs it would be a great way to meet some fellow cachers.

MRCPU asked where I'm from, well I'm from the "hill" aka Chatham. I know where the boom road is, been there many times.

I'm working on a cache for Miramichi as we speak. My very first cache was denied, so I guess I have some tweeking to do. Lots of cachers from Moncton, also a great place for GPS Pub Crawl. What ever happened to Fat Tuesdays? That was my favourite place in Moncton...well besides Angies, I haven't been there yet but I here the service is excellent!


Til the next time, keep your stick on the ice!

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Mic or Mac.

I was loking for the Black Fly Today with my grand son but no luck?

I was at the right place but I don't think the cache is there now.I look all around the sump but nothing there.Mabye someone took it on you.

My GPS is usely very best I also saw the three you climb.But no cache.

Please let me know if I'm right or not?

My EMail is

perronl@nb.sympatico.ca icon_confused.gif

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