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Bug : External links warning message displayed on an Internal link

OusKonNé & Cétyla

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Just to report that the "External links" warning message is displayed when we click on an Internal link.


This warning message should not be displayed since it is an internal link that points inside the same page.


Example :
GC88YY7 La croix celtique du Parc-de-l'Artillerie


At the top of the listing, there are two internal links :
[ Français | English ]


When you click on these internal links, we are not about to leave Geocaching.com...!!!




External links warning message.jpg

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Hey, @OusKonNé & Cétyla,


This other issue (componentStack/ChunkLoad error) has been reported a few times in the forums:





Our engineers are currently aware of the issue and how frustrating this is for the community. We hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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On 9/27/2022 at 9:39 AM, OusKonNé & Cétyla said:

Just to report that the "External links" warning message is displayed when we click on an Internal link.



Wow, bug already fixed!


I checked the internal links on two of my caches and everything works perfectly:

  • GC88YY7 La croix celtique du Parc-de-l'Artillerie
  • GC1RN0E La croisière s'amuse / The Love Boat (where the Queen Mary 2 is docked today)

Thank you worrellsquirrel and congratulations to your IT team!

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