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Garmin DriveSmart - Custom POI


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It used to be a relative piece of cake to upload custom POI to a Garmin automotive device of fairly recent generation.  Drop a file into the right folder, and bingo.  (The older units were a bit more work, but workable).

Is it still easy to do this on the most recent generation of their automotive units (DriveSmart)?

Do they still support *.gpi and *.gpx format? 

As I read the current manual, it bothers me that it appears that the only interface for POI is via FourSquare.  Tell me I'm wrong, please!


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Although not mentioned in the 66's manual, it appears from the 'help' section on Garmin's support pages that this process is still performed using the old POILoader program.  Looks as though this is still done using *.gpi files, which may be built from *.csv and *.gpx files by POILoader.  Can anyone confirm?


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