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GSAK slow under Parallels v18

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Wondering if anyone had a fix (or even a confirmation of this) -- have been running GSAK on a MacBook Pro using Windows 11 under Parallels v17 (and even earlier versions) without a problem in speed. Ever since I updated Parallels to v18 (with all else being the same) GSAK is the ONLY app that has slowed significantly. Database listings are slow to display, typing letters in the search box for GC code or cache name accepts one letter at a time with a slow wait between keystrokes. Using the app is frustrating waiting for it to do things. I only use Windows to run a few apps that aren't in the Mac universe, and they are all running as before under Parallels 15, 16, 17 -- smooth and consistently fast (considering this is all an emulation). But GSAK is the ONLY app that seems to have been affected.


Anybody have any clues or insights? Is anybody else experiencing the same thing? There's gotta be a lot of Mac users that have the same configuration as I do (or somewhat close to it). Any HELPFUL suggestions appreciated. Thanx.

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Hi, JL_HSTRE -- yes, I did ask on the GSAK forums, and surprisingly my entire post/question seems to be "missing"??? I've asked "general" question on the GSAK forums before and if it's not something SPECIFIC to GSAK itself (menus, API, UI, linking to GPS, etc.), the admins seem to think it's "irrelevant" (which is frustrating, since where else can we get answers?). Since my issue is not a specific question about GSAK itself (more of how it seems to be interfacing with Parallels), I think they removed it -- although I haven't received any notice that it was.


Wrote too soon -- went back to look again and the admin moved it to a "Related to GSAK" forum, but not a specific GSAK question. Either way, still no answer :-(

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