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Cache Not Found

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When you have a cache placed and you have someone log a no find, Do you go a check the cache as soon as you can or wait and see if you get another no find before taking action?


I had a no find and went and checked and the cache was still there. When I went to make the log I then saw the cacher seaching was looking for there first hunt.


Time is imporatant today,


What do you do?






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Personally I would wait for 1 or 2 additional no finds particularly if it is a well hidden cache where its surroundings may cause poor sat locks. If its usually a real easy find then its a coin toss. When I fail to find a cache I don't expect the owner to run out and check. I'll wait until I see a successful find posted before going back though.

Cheers, Olar



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I also would not run out to the cache on a single 'Not found' log. I would just watch for further logs indicating a possible missing cache. If a second 'Not found' log appeared, I would make a mental note to check it out if I happened to be in the area and circumstances allowed. If a third 'Not found' log appeared, I would post a log that I was concerned about the cache status, then I would temporarily disable the cache, and then I would check it out at the earliest convenient time.



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I have gone out within a couple of weeks if not way sooner on most of my cache's no finds. I take it seriously since I once had a devastating multi-hundred kilometer trip looking for two caches and failed miserably on both. I have attempted each cache twice since with no finds, and on one I was convinced it went MIA third time around, but it was found a couple of weeks later ... go figure.


Each time on my caches though it was still there. In one case it became obvious it was the finder, not the cache, that had encountered trouble. Funny, once he upgraded the firmware his success rate shot up!

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If it is a well hidden cache and the cacher is green then for sure, no.


If the cacher is fairly experienced I might, but I'd prefer to wait for a couple of experienced negatives first.


Of course if it happens that I'm in the area I would drop in for a quick peek.



Mobile Cache Command

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