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Place to find topo maps in the Lower Mainland


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Here it is.

Nixons Maps Charts & Books

Phone: (604)574-5066

The address is:


17682 - 57 Avenue


It's on a side street in Cloverdale. The fellow who works there is deaf so if you phone you'll have to leave a message and someone will get back to you.


They stock a ton of topo maps in different scales as well as marine charts (as I know all too well -- I've spent a small fortune in that store). If they don't have a map that you're looking for (which is rare) they'll order it in and it's usually there within a week.



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kingsmen26, Zuuk told me that he did your Topo the mountain cache -- great idea.


I'm planning on visiting your cache and have a few duplicate maps that I have of areas on the mainland, including some that are 1:20,000 scale.


I was wondering -- how are you putting the maps in caches -- are they folded to fit into a zip lock bag? What size? All my maps are rolled up (except the ones that I use for kayaking) so if I'm going to fold them for your cache, I'd like to fold them ahead of time to fit the cache container.


Hopefully, the Great Central Lake map will still be there.


Terrific idea, I'll have to keep an eye on this cache. icon_biggrin.gif



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The maps are folded as they were when I bought them.They are folded acordian style (6 sections)vertical with the map facing out and then 3 section fold top to bottom so that when all is done the name and map number are on top.I put them in 10 x 10 generic ziplocs and there is room to spare.It would be nice to see this cache as a map exchange.I'm gonna add a note to the cache to this effect. Thanks

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Thanks for the help guys.

Oh, yes I should have thought of Little Mountain...I bought my expedition pack there. They're still up and running? I always try to support the local guys.


re: Topo the Mountain Cache

Saw that one, but I think I've got a fair number to do around here still. I'm currently looking for some good caches between here and Calgary and then up to Red Deer. Vacation time is a week away icon_biggrin.gif


Wherever you go, there you are.

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