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Geocache polar bear Dip on Vancouver Island

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MarinerBC asked if I was going to put together a Meeting in Courtney for all the Island GeoCachers and I joked about doing a Polar bear dip on Jan 01 03 then my mind raced at the possibilities icon_eek.gif...I could set up a cache at a GREAT spot I know of we could come up with a time on New Years and all meet and bring in the new year at the same time with a Polar bear dip...What do you V Islanders think of this icon_biggrin.gif????


I'll post this on the General site too


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We would need to have a BIG, BIG, BIG, Bonfire! Are we talking the ocean or the Puntledge? I have polar bear swimmed before and it can be tough to warm up again. Perhaps new years day would be better(warmer)? Isn't there a swim at the spit on new years? Then we could all find a pub (are they open new years?) and meet one another.


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icon_smile.gifOK its getting down to crunch time...I would like to know how many people are interested in coming to Comox for The Dip...I would like to know how much Chili to make...by then my daughter should be finished her Bronze Cross (Life gaurding thingy) and we should have a lifegaurd on hand. icon_biggrin.gif


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