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liquor/beer stores...


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Don't you wish that whenever GARMIN decides to update the MG CANADA, they include liquor stores and or beer stores. I mean this is a very small gripe considering there is no MG for the majority of Canadian cities.


MG CANADA has the location for many churches, small parks, and a ton of 'ma and pa restaurants', but that info simply is not useful for a university student on Friday or Saturday night.


Thats all for now...



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If I'm not mistaken, mrcpu plans to add other "retailers" to his newly created website/project which has a downloadable file of waypoints. The current, and first, project is Tim Horton locations which is progressing well but could probably use more cachers participating. I agree that beer/liquor store locations would be a welcome addition to my favourite waypoint list. You can get the latest at: http://thlp.kenetic.com/

Cheers, Olar



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Originally posted by Olar:

...The current, and first, project is Tim Horton locations which is progressing well but could probably use more cachers participating.

Cheers, Olar


Mmmm, Ed Norton's (aka Tim Horton's) waypoints... I was wondering if this existed. Thanks for the info. We have some marked in our GPS that we'll pass on to mrcpu. We'll start doing the same for the beer/liquor stores now too.



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i have always thought a liquor store/beer store project would be a nice addition to the tim horton project....




maybe it can progress slowly as the tim horton project nears completion I dunno is that really possible? with new locations popping up literally across the street of existing locations,,,,


I actually have seen one of these double tim horton locations on either side of an intersection...


thats all for now...



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My THLP is expanding! I'm working very hard to get some coding done for my boss that is very similar to what I will require to take THLP to the next level including Beer stores, Liquour stores, Walmarts, and just about anything else you want to waypoint!


Keep your eyes open on the THLP site for an update in the next couple of weeks!





Mobile Cache Command

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